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Scenes from the Broadcast Trailer

27 Oct

One of the things I find truly fulfilling about my line of work is the variety of situations and events I’m tasked with handling. Recently, I was enlisted by the fine folks at Hite Media Services to handle the broadcast mix for Springfield, Missouri’s only late-night TV talk show, The Mystery Hour.

It was quite a trip getting out from behind the usual spot at front of house to set up shop in the slick control room trailer Hite Media has set up for such events. My world was based around a Behringer X32, a pair of nearfield monitors and an LCD display connected to a switcher allowing me to pick my view of the stage inside.

In one evening, three episodes are filmed, each with a variety of special guests, skits, interviews and a musical guest to top it all off. Episodes debut on Saturday nights in Springfield on Fox 5 at 9pm.  Following is the most recently released episode, featuring music from SPiNRaD at the 19 minute mark.

NOTE: I’d like to mention that while handled the broadcast mix on the record side, I had no control over the house mix and audience mics. For this taping, the house mix was loud enough to make its way into the lavs and audience mics, and this can easily be heard in the final product. Also, the audience mics are mixed in during post, which I am not involved with. I would prefer less audience and room sound in the mix overall, but you be the judge.