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Klipsch K-77 Diaphragm Replacement

2 May

Last week in a momentary lapse of judgement, I fried the K-77 tweeters in my Klipsch Herseys.  I don’t really want go into details, as the experience was quite traumatizing, but what do you know, a quick call to Klipsch in Hope, Arkansas had two diaphragm kits on my doorstep in only a few days.

The “diaphragm kit” that Klipsch offers is different from the bare diaphragms you’ll find online in that they come pre-mounted on the little cup that holds the diaphragm between the magnet and the horn lens.  If I had ordered the bare diaphragm, I would have had to mess with soldering those tiny lead wires on to the driver’s terminals–an operation I’m willing to perform, but is always a risky process.

Klipsch didn’t include any directions with the diaphragm kits, but there is enough information online to answer most any question that could come up.  I did get a little stumped when I had trouble removed the old diaphragm cup from the horn lens, but a call to Klipsch customer support informed me of the “whack the horn with a screwdriver handle to pop it off” trick.  Worked like a charm.  My customer service rep said he’d talk to the guys in parts about including directions with the diaphragm kits in the future.

Here are a few pics from the adventure.  I love the old school badges on the Klipsch Type E crossover network.  Hmmm…I wonder what condition those capacitors are in…

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After 20 minutes of listening to my Heresys with fresh tweeter diaphragms, I realized how much I had missed these speakers over the six day period they were out of commission–a truly classic speaker.

Side note: A cool factoid I found out while researching the K-77 tweeter is that the Electro Voice ST-350 tweeters use the same diaphragm.  I already knew this was true for the EV T-35, as it looks nearly identical to a Klipsch K-77.