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David Cook w/ Carolina Liar

29 Nov

David Cook w/ Carolina Liar

Here’s a shot from monitor world during Carolina Liar’s soundcheck before opening for David Cook at the Gillioz Theatre last night. They don’t travel with a monitor engineer, so I gladly wore the hat. Though running in-ear monitors on a Yamaha M7 is akin to babysitting.

I really enjoyed working with Carolina Liar–fun and easy going.

David Cook took the stage around 9:05pm, at which time I got to sit back for a bit before the ever-inevitable load out.

I’m lucky to have a fantastic stage crew that continue to be the unsung heros of the show. Load-in was smooth and efficient while load-out was fast and thorough, all with a laid-back yet professional work atmosphere.

Show shots!

4 Nov

Check it.  Here’s DJ Geeg (of The Spacetones) opening for Quixotic, Halloween night at the Gillioz.

The show was a big step for the theatre, as it was the first time aerial performers had been rigged on our stage.  With a tasteful mix of expressive dancers, live trip-hop, engaging visuals, Quixotc put on a one-of-a-kind show fitting for the holiday.  We brought in the usual VerTec rig we use for bigger shows, and I ran both monitors and FOH from a Yamaha M7CL-48… mixing was a pleasure.

Here we have Springfield Regional Opera’s set for The Hot Mikado.

This was my first theatre sound gig.  Sure, I’ve done concerts in a theatre, but never theatre in a theatre.  With nine lavalier microphones shared among 12 actors, my fingers were kept busy through the entire performance.  I enjoyed the change of pace from the usual rock concert and developed a huge appreciation for the cast and crew of the show.