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Electro-Voice EVM-18B Re-cone

1 Feb

My good buddy/explosives engineer, Tristan, picked a set of homebrew subwoofer cabinets off Craigslist a while back for use at bonfires, house parties and the most overkill bedroom stereo around.  The boxes came loaded with Electro-Voice EVM-18B subwoofers that sounded great–that is until one of them starting exhibiting some distortion after one of Tristan’s fiestas.

Luckily, re-cone kits are readily available for these speakers for a decent price.  Neither of us had ever tackled a re-cone so we were a bit weary at first.  I’ve replaced the surround on several woofers and swapped out plenty of tweeter diaphragms, but never a performed a full-on re-cone.

After finding some handy, online how-to videos we ordered the kit and dove in head first.  Following is a photo documentation of the process.  With so many great instructional videos already online I’ll spare you the bulleted details.

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