As an active member of the audio engineer community, I spend my time trying to rid the world of bad sound. Whether running front of house at a show, mixing down a studio session or recording the spontaneous energy of a live performance, it is my duty to ensure that the listener is fully engaged in the program material. It’s also my personal mission to rid the world of over-compressed MP3s, but that’s another story.

A quick run-down of my journeys thus far:

  • graduated from Missouri State University majoring in audio production with a minor in music recording
  • current freelance audio engineer, production manager and promoter representative
  • former technical director at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, MO
  • former technical director of sports facilities and the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT
  • skilled user of Logic and Protools DAW recording interfaces
  • completed audio internship at Southwest Audio-Visual
  • experienced in loudspeaker repair and technical system maintenance
  • live radio broadcast engineer and on-air personality
  • DJ and event production lead for Travel Tunes
  • sound effect and field recording/mixing for film
  • installation of home, commercial and mobile audio systems
  • surround sound mixing
  • certified BSS Soundweb London Architect
  • “taper” and archivist of concerts

This site is intended to document my travels through our aural landscape using media and first person accounts of my efforts to raise the overall quality of life with good sound. It is my pleasure to help any production reach its highest potential.

Keep listening.

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