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Plaid Dragon – “SoND” Live @ Gillioz Theatre

26 Aug

Springfield, MO has an excellent music scene. The Bootheel, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Spacetones, Lilly Bee & The Pollinators, Knife Death, Delta Sol Revival, Kids & Chemicals, Speakeasy, Ryan Spilken–I challenge you to find a Midwest college town, or even a larger, more mainstream market, with a music scene as delightfully diverse.

Before leaving Springfield and the Gillioz Theatre, where I hung my hat for many shows, I had the pleasure of working one last concert. Fittingly, the event featured SGF’s own Plaid Dragon playing by themselves, in my favorite “an evening with” fashion.

This show would be the final installation in a series conceived over a few porch beers by Gillioz media czar/talent buyer, Vance Hall, and I aimed at featuring local performing artist known as “First Firday Live.”

I handled the live audio production for the event, mixing FOH and multitrack recording straight to Logic from the Gilly’s Midas Verona 400. I used the direct outputs of each channel of the Verona to feed the line inputs of a Mackie Onyx 1640 for analog-to-digital conversion into Logic over Firewire. After the show I turned the tracks over to Plaid Dragon’s synth/guitar player, Sam Gibson, for a final mixdown.

The show was bittersweet, but 100% Springfield, Missouri live music. I could not have picked a better send-off from the town and venue that will always be “home.” Please enjoy a video featuring Sam’s mix of Plaid Dragon performing “SoND.”

Show shots!

4 Nov

Check it.  Here’s DJ Geeg (of The Spacetones) opening for Quixotic, Halloween night at the Gillioz.

The show was a big step for the theatre, as it was the first time aerial performers had been rigged on our stage.  With a tasteful mix of expressive dancers, live trip-hop, engaging visuals, Quixotc put on a one-of-a-kind show fitting for the holiday.  We brought in the usual VerTec rig we use for bigger shows, and I ran both monitors and FOH from a Yamaha M7CL-48… mixing was a pleasure.

Here we have Springfield Regional Opera’s set for The Hot Mikado.

This was my first theatre sound gig.  Sure, I’ve done concerts in a theatre, but never theatre in a theatre.  With nine lavalier microphones shared among 12 actors, my fingers were kept busy through the entire performance.  I enjoyed the change of pace from the usual rock concert and developed a huge appreciation for the cast and crew of the show.

Welcome to the Planet…

29 Apr

Here it is, the final version of The Spacetones’ new mixtape (streamable below in appropriate Side A/Side B format), Welcome to the Planet of Drugs & (e)Money.  Of course, you can also download the individual tracks direct from The Spacetones.

I’ll see you at the Highlife Martini Lounge in Springfield, MO on Cinco de Mayo for the official release.  There you’ll be able to pick up a limited edition cassette copy of the album.

Side A

Side B


25 Apr

Countless hours of work have gone into the upcoming album from The Spacetones.  Welcome to the Planet of Drugs & (e)Money is a pivotal step in the group’s evolution and demands a sonic signature different from The Spacetones tracks you’ve heard before.  Drugs & (e)Money is no doubt the most complete recording project I’ve worked on to date, and the experience has been enlightening, to say the least.


31 Mar

Last weekend at Minnie Harris Park in Harrison, Arkansas was the 3rd annual DEEZO Fest, a free, open to the public concert featuring ten bands from the surround area including Knife Death, Bringers of the Dawn, The Spacetones and Jah Kings.  This was the first year I was asked to come provide sound reinforcement, and I had a great time do so.  Despite the cold, rainy weather, the show was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Rainy Day

25 Mar

Seemingly appropriate for the weather, I couldn’t help but do some critical listening of the track “Rainy Day” from The Spacetones’ upcoming mix-tape, Welcome to the Planet of Drugs & (e)Money, set to drop May 5.  I was honored when the ‘tones asked me to be a part of the production process and my excitement only grows as the project evolves.  Sorry, no sound samples today, but I anticipate a preview coming soon.