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Touring Bands & The PreSonus StudioLive

30 Oct

Note: I do not own a PreSonus StudioLive, nor am I endorsed by them in any way.

I’ve noticed a common thread among several touring acts coming through the Gillioz Theatre as of late–the PreSonus StudioLive.  What I would consider a user-friendly, “budget” digital audio console, the StudioLive has a lot of great features that make it a perfect fit for those touring to smaller venues or as support to a bigger act.  Of course, there are other makes and models of small, handy digital audio consoles out there, but I feel the StudioLive is a little more polished and plug-n-play.


The most common configuration in which acts are using the StudioLive seems to be as a monitor desk packaged with a mic splitter and wireless in-ear monitor transmitters.  If you’re traveling as support on a bigger tour, this makes sense.  You show up, roll your StudioLive rack in, give your FOH sends to the system tech and your ready to go.  Your tour manager/traveling sound tech/good buddy can mix FOH from the house desk or main act’s touring console while the StudioLive is already configured for what should be a perfectly dialed-in IEM mix for the band. When Civil Twilight supported MUTEMATH for their recent show at the Gillioz Theatre, that’s exactly how they rolled.  In the picture below, you can see Paul Thorn Band’s StudioLive sitting stage right during their show October 6th date at the Gilly.


However, the versatility doesn’t stop there.  Let’s say you pick up a couple dates in smaller venues where you’re the main act and there’s no house console or some old piece of junk or similar less-than-desirable situation.  Well, with your friend Mr. StudioLive, you can drive both monitors and FOH, meaning all you really need to pull of a show is are racks and stacks (house main amps and speakers).  But wait, it just wouldn’t be 2012 if there wasn’t an iPad involved.  If there’s no room to put the console out in the house or snake to stage, once again, the StudioLive has you covered.  Just leave the desk on stage and mix using the PreSonus iPad app.

Let me state I’m in no way endorsed by PreSonus, nor do I own one of these consoles, but with it’s small footprint, ease of use and relatively low cost, I believe the PreSonus StudioLive is the answer for working class, touring musicians.  Ready to move seamlessly from practice space to big venue to small club and back, I feel this desk is a great investment for such acts.