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Treasure Hunting

31 Jul

With football season fast approaching, my morning was full of production meetings to prepare for what’s to come. While such meetings are no doubt important, by the end I was ready to get my hands dirty with some tech. While de-prepping an event a couple weeks ago, I had noticed a closet outside the stadium’s control booth full of tangled cables and seemingly random pieces of gear, so what better time than the present to see what was hiding in there.

An hour later, I had filled a cart full with DVD players, DSPs, amps, wireless receivers and more–all in unknown condition. Jackpot!


After admiring my bounty, I grabbed a countertop, claimed it as my workbench and happily spent the rest of the afternoon testing all the gear, labeling each with its current condition and date of testing.

Tomorrow I hope to assimilate the working units into our inventory stored in the arena and begin developing a more comprehensive list of what we have to work with. Baby steps!

Here’s a shot of easily the coolest thing that turned up, an Altec 1592B mixer/amplifier.