Tracking Again

29 Oct

Those close to me, or at least those who read this blog, should know I consider myself a live sound guy first and recording engineer second.  I’ve got my reasons; the crowd’s contagious energy, working under pressure, the variety of events, earth shaking drums, etc, but as of late I had more or less eliminated multitrack recording from my “things I do” list.  Sure, I record the board mix with a pair of room mics at most shows when I mix front of house for archival purposes, but nothing too complex.

Of course, right around the time I realize this trend, I land three recording gigs in one week.  All live shows to be multitracked for later mixdown and subsequent release.  For two out of three shows I was also mixed FOH, which makes for a rewarding experience upon revisiting the recorded tracks.  It’s almost like a second shot at mixing the show, only this time there’s no audience and I have the stable, predictable acoustic environment of my home studio.  Of course there’s no adding additional channels, messing with mic placement or “do-overs,” but that’s almost freeing in a way–you just have to work with what you’ve got, for better or worse.  Two of the shows are in the bag and I’ve started on mixdown.  Here’s a screenshot of a little prep work on one mix, a local folk band that filled a tiny art gallery stage last Friday:

The third show in this run of gigs goes down this Friday at the Gillioz Theatre as part of a new local music concert series.  The first act in the series is Springfield’s own Delta Sol Revival.  I had the pleasure of mixing the band a month or two ago at an outdoor festival in downtown Springfield, which was my first encounter with their music.  A strong latin/funk/soul vibe left me smiling behind the faders the entire show and I’m excited to not only mix them live this Friday, but also the recording I’ll track simultaneously using the direct outputs on the theatre’s Midas Verona 400 and my Mackie Onyx 1640 for A/D conversion into Logic.


Stay tuned for samples from the show, and maybe even a few from the others I’ve been working on.  By the way, anyone have suggestions for online sharing/playback of tracks?  Should I pay for unlimited tracks on Soundcloud?  Share your thoughts with me on Twitter.  See you at the show!

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